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Phillip Bass, MDiv, Thm, MA, LPC, NCC

I utilize essential oils in my practice. A client may notice a pleasant smell in the office or waiting area.  That is because essential oils are often being diffused.  While working with clients I may also use specific oils to assist the client with a particular issue she or he may be working on, such as anxiety or depression.  This involves inviting the client(s) to apply oils to pulse points or in the creation of a blend of oils for the client to use outside of the office.  I've also found the use of essential oils to be particularly helpful in couples therapy.  

So, why use essential oils?  Essential oils help enrich the therapeutic process by stimulating the brain in ways that can enhance traditional "talk therapy."  By using oils, we can stimulate the part of the brain that processes smell, memory, and emotion. 

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They are very powerful and can have health benefits. Clients often want to start their own essential oil collection to use more liberally in their homes. It is easy to find essential oils to buy. However, many essential oil brands are not pure or use synthetic components. For this reason, I only use DoTerra brand in my practice. You may buy the essential oils from the link below (note that Phillip Shoe does receive incentives such as points if you buy from this link):

Essential Oils

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