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We offer a variety of Relationship Services in addition to couples/family therapy, including premarital sessions, relationship workshops and retreats, and relationship intensives.  Prior to our work together, clients will be asked to complete a short relationship assessment.  Most sessions can be held virtually or in person.  Sessions are focused on healthy communication, setting boundaries, mutual decision making, intimacy and more.  Although there is a planned format for these meetings, adjustments are made for each relationship based on need and the pre-session assessment.  









If you are interested in scheduling any of our relationship services with Phillip Bass, please email info@trinitasservices or call our main number (919-283-3137).  

Premarital Sessions:

Premarital sessions are scheduled for 2.5 hours.  Premarital sessions are offered during normal business hours, evening, or weekends.  Costs vary depending upon scheduling.  Sessions scheduled Monday-Wednesday, during normal business hours are $425 per session.  Sessions scheduled outside of normal business hours (including evenings and Saturdays) are $550 per session.  If you need evening or weekend hours, please let us know. 

Relationship Workshops and Retreats:

We offer multiple relationship workshops and retreats throughout the year.  You can learn more about these on our website

Relationship Intensives:

Relationship intensives are 2-day sessions focused on your relationship.  Sessions are held for 4-hours each morning and afternoon with a 1-hour break each day for lunch.  Intensives include psycho-education, skills building exercises, relational (couples) therapy and one-on-one therapy.  Cost for Relationship Intensives depend on location.  For those held in our offices, the cost is $3500.  If we are asked to travel, you will be responsible for travel costs as well.  

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