Clients can schedule directly with me, or via the online portal.  Unless previously discussed, sessions are schedule for 50 minutes.  Typically, sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.  Over time, this may change to every 3 weeks or monthly, as therapeutically appropriate.  

I see clients in the office Monday-Wednesday, 8AM-4PM.  I do offer some online sessions on Thursday afternoons. Without the proper time to build therapeutic trust and rapport in person first, online sessions can be more hindering than productive.  Therefore, I only schedule online sessions with established clients.   Because these sessions are also not constructive for couples or family sessions, I only work with individual clients in online sessions.   

Initial Session:

Clients are requested to complete all intake forms online prior to the initial session.  This allows me time to review the information provided on the. forms before we meet.  Because we will not need time during the session for you to complete these forms, we can utilize the time to begin getting to know one another.  I will briefly share intimation about myself and how I approach therapy at the start of the session.  We will use the majority of our time addressing your goals (what do you want from our working together?). 

Couples Sessions:

Couples sessions are scheduled similarly to individual sessions.  I typically meet with the couple together for the initial session.  Following that session, I like to meet with each person individually one time.  Then, I see the couple together for all further sessions.  This approach to scheduling is important, in that it allows me to get to know who you are together, and who you are as individual people.  My style of couples counseling is to address communication between the couple and to help couples find balance in their relationship.  


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Opening Hours:

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*Thursday sessions are reserved for Telehealth/online meetings.


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